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Thank you for your interest in mobile billboard advertising with Billboard Express of Las Vegas. We are the largest mobile billboard advertising company that owns and operates their own fleet of mobile billboards in Las Vegas. We offer more viewing area that ultimately produces more exposure, more impressions and the best results for advertising campaigns. Billboard Express of Las Vegas is the Las Vegas mobile billboard company that thrives on creating sales and the ultimate exposure clients. Our mobile billboards have been proven to be a high impact, out-of-home medium.

Billboard Express of Las Vegas is unique in that we take your message where the consumer is all day and all night. Our billboards are mounted with two vinyl ads, one on each side of the vehicle. The viewing size is 10'5"H x 22'8"W, larger than any other. The mobile billboard unit is driven along a specific route or a certain location, the Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Convention Center or any other are the client wants to target for that particular audience. Flexibility is the main advantage of utilizing mobile billboards. We simply take your message anywhere at any time! Mobile billboards may achieve market saturation or reach a specific demographic target. Mobile billboards allow advertisers several creative opportunities, including embellishments, interactive displays, promotional opportunities, grand openings, sporting events, shows and much more. The sheer size of the mobile billboard provides both readability from great distance as well as a strong impact and lasting recall. Mobile billboard advertising in Las Vegas also captures broad consumer interest and awareness. Our vehicles not only bring the advertising message directly to the consumer, but also have creative avenues that are inherent to them. By putting your advertising on the move, you will create an everlasting impression to your targeted audience. Billboard Express of Las Vegas delivers the highest quality in outdoor mobile advertising business. We offer the best rates in Las Vegas. We greatly appreciate you choosing us as your mobile billboard advertising company, and will succeed in accomplishing everything it takes to earn you repetitive business! We firmly believe that "client satisfaction is everything!"

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